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Mykonos is a beautiful Greek island known for its gorgeous beaches, vibrant nightlife and white-washed villages. One of the most popular neighborhoods on the island is Little Venice, a charming waterfront with brightly colored buildings. Located in the center of Mykonos town, Little Venice has been around for centuries and offers stunning views of the Aegean Sea.

Little Venice is one of the oldest parts of Mykonos town and was once an important port for merchant ships from all over the Mediterranean. The buildings that can be seen today were built between the 16th and 19th centuries and served as trading centers, warehouses and houses. Many are now used as restaurants, bars or souvenir stores, but still retain their original architecture, which gives the area a special charm.

Colorful buildings along Little Venice line the seawall, which has special balconies from which visitors can enjoy amazing views of the bay. Visitors can also appreciate some iconic landmarks, such as Alefkandra Church, built in 1832, or Belvedere Square, which is the terminus of Little Venice and rewards those who make it all the way down with spectacular sunsets worth seeing.

Little Venice attracts people from all over Greece who come here mainly because of its fantastic atmosphere, especially at night when the area comes alive with live music pouring in from the tavernas located on the small piers going out to sea, giving people a unique perspective to observe the vibrant nightlife of Mykonos. Nevertheless, during the daytime the area is also crowded, with restaurants attracting visitors offering delicious seafood dishes made from the fresh catches of the local fishermen who have made their living in these waters since ancient times, as well as visitors who want their share of Mykonos' famous culinary heritage.

The Little Venice of Mykonos is a picturesque collection of colorful houses and little stores built into the cliff along the waterfront. It is one of the most beautiful places in Mykonos, creating an unforgettable backdrop for those who take the time to explore it. The unique combination of old and new architecture and traditional whitewashed buildings gives visitors a truly unique experience as they wander through this lively neighborhood.

During the day, locals can be found here selling their wares or enjoying a refreshing drink, while at night tourists flock here to admire the romantic atmosphere created by the twinkling lanterns illuminating the neighborhood. With so much beauty and culture in one place, it's no wonder that the little Venice of Mykonos continues to enchant travelers from all corners of the world.