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Mykonos, a Greek island in the Aegean Sea, is famous for its stunning beaches and nightlife. But the island also offers a more historical experience thanks to its famous windmills. The windmills of 16th century Mykonos are often associated with this Cycladic island, as they provide the perfect backdrop to the deep blue waters of the sea.

The history of the Mykonos windmills goes back centuries, when they were used as an old grain milling center. Seven (or up to eleven, depending on historical records) impressive white stone windmills were built on a small hill by the Venetian invaders in order to grind grain and produce flour that could feed both locals and seafarers. The number of windmills in existence varies according to sources, but most records show 7 operating windmills.

Over the years, the mills have become an important feature of the Mykonos landscape, symbolizing not only its official affiliation, but also making a significant contribution to the beauty of its landscape along with other iconic landmarks such as little Venice or the top of the sunset hill. This has made them increasingly popular with tourists who come to admire these ancient masterpieces during their holidays both during the day and at night when they are illuminated against beautiful sunsets or colorful skies for wonderful photographs that everyone can boast of during their trip to Greece !

Perhaps these charming structures are not only a popular tourist attraction, but also part of the Greek culture, since many families still depend on agricultural activities such as the production of wheat flour using milling equipment on the various islands of the country, which is a traditional way of life, which many locals continue to follow from generation to generation until today.

The windmills of Mykonos are one of the most iconic sights of the Greek island. These towering structures have stood for many centuries, and offer a romantic view that tourists can enjoy while exploring the surroundings. The windmills were originally built in the 16th century and were used to grind the wheat that was grown locally.

Today, these windmills are still an important part of Mykonos life, providing tourists with stunning views of the Aegean Sea and a sense of history from a bygone era. With whitewashed walls and traditional architecture, these windmills are a breathtaking sight to behold while visiting one of the most loved Greek islands.