Korfos beach
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Korfos beach, located on the Greek island of Mykonos, is a stunning and unique place. From the characteristic shaped rocks that adorn the shoreline, to the crystal clear waters and the wide sandy beach.

The shape of the coastline of Corfos is what makes it so special. Two large rocks protrude from the sea, creating a natural crescent-shaped harbor that surrounds a perfectly calm and shallow bay. The lack of currents and waves makes it safe to swim here, making it ideal for learning to swim or snorkel.

You can comfortably relax on one of the many sun loungers on the sand or refresh yourself at one of the many beach bars along the shore. Several restaurants around Corfos offer delicious local cuisine to suit Mykonos' tastes as well as spectacular views of the sea.

The beach is conveniently located on the Gulf of Kalafati, from where a light breeze often blows, keeping the temperature comfortable, especially during the summer months when temperatures in other parts of Greece can rise sharply. 

This pleasant climate is conducive to many activities all year round, such as windsurfing, sailing, fishing, hiking and biking, all available near Korfos beach if you choose to venture beyond its golden shores!

Corfos beach is a place that offers activities for all ages: those looking for peace and quiet will find it here, and those looking for adventure won't be disappointed either! With golden-white sand stretching along the picturesque seascape, there's plenty of room, whether you choose to have a quiet time or prefer noisy activities like jet skiing or kayaking! 

Light blue water frames this stunning open view that stretches all the way to the horizon! Sunsets are equally magical: stunning hues color this heavenly sky in reds, oranges, and pinks! A must-see in Mykonos!